Optimizely CMS 12 – Unable to Import Data

Are you unable to import data from another instance? If you are getting a non-explanatory error message “No file uploaded” when you click on “Upload and Verify File” or “Begin Import”, this post will help you. I exported some content items from a lower environment and I wanted to import them to an upper environment,Continue reading “Optimizely CMS 12 – Unable to Import Data”

Restricting Environment Access “/Episerver”

As a web administrator, you would probably want to restrict the editing portal to the public and one way to achieve this is applying rules directly on yout configuration file so the access can be restricted by IP. You probably have read this article from Optimizely (CMS 11) https://docs.developers.optimizely.com/digital-experience-platform/v1.3.0-DXP-for-CMS11-COM13/docs/restricting-environment-access where it describes how you canContinue reading “Restricting Environment Access “/Episerver””

Invalidate Cache After Publishing

In order to improve performance and enhace the page loading time while using Search and Navigation, Optimizely provides an extension to cache the search results for a specific period of time. StaticallyCacheFor lets you store your query results, using a timestamp, in a cache with an auto-generated key. Once the defined timestamp has reached, theContinue reading “Invalidate Cache After Publishing”

Exact Time Picker

Time picker field is always useful when authors need to manage the time separated from the date. Episerver stores dates as UTC and it dynamically displays the datetime of the content editor’s machine but what happen if time zone is also managed as a separated field. In this post I will show you how canContinue reading “Exact Time Picker”

Date Range Facets

Faceted search adds powerful search functionality to websites and allows web users to narrow down the results in a listing page, letting the users find what they really want. Sometimes, we need to add a date range facet as part of our search page. This post will give you some guidance on how to create facets based on DateTime fields using Episerver Search & Navigation (formerly called Episerver Find).